Charter Review Committee

Per section 7-7 of the Mashpee Town Charter:

Charter Review - At least once in every ten years, beginning in 2013, and thereafter in each year ending in a three, a special committee to consist of nine members shall be established for the purpose of reviewing this charter and to make a report, with recommendations, to the town meeting concerning any proposed amendments which said committee may determine to be necessary or desirable. The committee shall consist of nine members who shall be chosen as follows: the Board of Selectmen, the Finance Committee, and the School Committee shall each designate two persons, the Planning Board shall designate one person, and two persons shall be appointed by the Town Moderator. Persons appointed by the said agencies may, but need not, be members of the agency by which they are designated. The committee shall meet to organize forthwith following the final adjournment of the annual town meeting. The committee shall hold a public hearing within thirty days following the date on which it meets to organize and at least one additional public hearing before filing its final report.

Board Members

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