Mooring Permits & Regulations

Mooring Information:

Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 91, Section 10A, states that individuals who wish to moor or anchor a boat in the various harbors or waters within the Town of Mashpee (or any other town in the Commonwealth) must first obtain permission from the Harbormaster. Additionally, Mashpee has Town Waterways Bylaws (Chapter 170) as well as Regulations promulgated by the Harbormaster pertaining to moorings. The regulations are summarized below. Mooring equipment specifications follow.

Mooring permits are issued for a period of one year on a calendar-year basis. They expire December 31st unless revoked earlier by the Harbormaster for good cause. Mooring permits are renewable each year and must be renewed by April 30th. If your renewal application is not received in this office by April 30, it will be automatically revoked - nonrenewable. Normally, the same mooring number is retained from year to year, but the Harbormaster may reassign numbers if renewal is not timely.

There is no relationship between property ownership and the mooring permit. Mooring permits are not transferable when a property is sold.

Fees are based on boat length or float size. The fee for all boats or floats up to and including 20 is $200; 20'1"-25 feet is $250; 25'1"-30 feet is $300; and 30'1" feet and larger is $400 per year.

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