Open Space Conservation & Recreation Plan

Mashpee has adopted an updated Open Space Conservation and Recreation (OSCAR) Plan, which was endorsed by the Conservation Commission on May 28, 2009 and approved by the Massachusetts Division of Conservation Services in June 2009.

The Plan is available for viewing and downloading, by chapter, in PDF format by clicking on the link below.

The Plan qualified the Town for grant reimbursement for purchases of conservation lands under the State's LAND program, and for development of parks and recreation facilities under the State's possesive PARC program until October, 2015.  It also qualified the Town for grants from the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund. The plan has not been updated since then, so the Town no longer qualifies for those grant reimbursements.

CH1 - Plan Summary
CH2 - Introduction
CH3 - Community Setting
CH4A 1, 2 & 3 - Geology
CH4A4 - Soils Part 1
CH4A4 - Soils Part 2
CH4A4 - Soils Part 3
CH4B - Landscape, Scenic Resources, and Unique Environments
CH4C - Water Resources
CH4D - Vegetation
CH4E - Fisheries & Wildlife Part 1
CH4E - Fisheries & Wildlife Part 2
CH4E - Fisheries & Wildlife Part 3 Bird List
CH4F - Environmental Challenges
CH5A1 - Inventory of Conservation & Recreation Lands
CH5A2 - Tables Part 1
CH5A2 - Tables Part 2
CH5B - Private Lands of Conservation Interest
CH5C - Recreation Facilities
CH6 - Community Vision
CH7 - Analysis of Needs
CH8 - Adopted Goals & Objectives
CH9 - Action Plan
CH10 - Public Comments
CH11 - References
Title & Contents