Help with Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Unit
(508) 539-1480 ext. 7253
(508) 539-1499 (Fax)


You do not have to be hit to be abused!

Are you:

  • Fearful for your life?
  • Constantly being ridiculed?
  • Tiptoeing around a person so that he/she does not get angry?
  • Told you are worthless and unattractive?
  • Not allowed to see friends or take time for yourself?
  • Always told it is your fault when things go wrong?
  • Concerned about personal safety?
  • Are your children being threatened in any way?
  • Promised that violent behavior will not be repeated, and the promise is broken?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, you may be in an abusive relationship.

IT IS YOUR RIGHT TO BE SAFE! It is NOT necessary to identify yourself if you are looking for information on services available on Cape Cod.


Police Services

For police assistance, you may be asked the following questions, in order to ensure everyone's safety:

  1. Your name, address, and telephone number. If you get disconnected, the police will still respond providing they have the address.
  2. Are you and your children safe now?
  3. Can you speak freely?
  4. Are you hurt?
  5. Has your abuser left the home or area?

If you cannot speak freely because your abuser is within hearing distance, or if you are unable to remain on the phone, dial "911" or "0" and leave the telephone off the hook.

If you know someone who needs help, do not be afraid to call the police!


Emergency Shelter and Support

Independence House

(508) 771-6507

(800) 439-6507

160 Bassett Lane, Hyannis MA. 02601

Emergency shelter available through a safe home network for battered women (age 18+) and their children, and victims of sexual assault. Also provides counseling and legal assistance.

Cape Cod Center For Women

(508) 564-SAFE ext. 7233

90 day emergency shelter, 24 hour, 7 day per week hotline emergency transportation, information, and referrals.

Also, check their website at for more info.

Long Term Shelter and Support

Safe Harbor

(508) 790-2933

Safe shelter and services for women and children made homeless by domestic violence. Call MA Department of Transitional Assistance for information.

Counseling and Support Groups

Department of Social Services, Cape & Islands Office

(508) 394-1325

(800) 352-0711

TTY: (800) 352-0711

32 Commercial Street, South Yarmouth MA.

Emergency assistance for children and youths in abusive or neglectful environments. Also voluntary parental support services.

Independence House

(508) 771-6507

(800) 439-6507

160 Bassett Lane, Hyannis MA. 02601

Free and confidential support groups, counseling, and encouragement, to victims of physical, sexual, and/or psychological battering. Also provides emergency shelter and legal assistance.

Provincetown Domestic Violence Intervention Office

(508) 487-6333

26 Alden Street, Room 15, Provincetown MA.

Free and confidential counseling, support, and advocacy services for victims of domestic violence.

Elder Services of Cape Cod

(508) 394-4630 (Days)

(800) 244-4630

(800) 922-2275 (After Hours)

64 Route 134, South Dennis MA.

Assists elderly suffering from abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

Batterers Intervention Agenda

(Agreement to End Domestic Violence)

(508) 771-8572

P.O. Box 1982, Hyannis MA. 02601

Educational and behavioral modification program for men who batter.

Emergency Medical Services

Cape Cod Hospital

(508) 771-1800

(800) 778-4944

TTY: (508) 778-4944

27 Park Street, Hyannis MA. 02601

Provides 24-hour emergency medical treatment and intervention.

Falmouth Hospital

(508) 548-5300

Ter Heun Drive, Falmouth MA. 02540

Provides 24-hour emergency medical treatment and intervention.

Tobey Hospital

(508) 295-0880

(800) 295-6858

TTY: (508) 295-6858

43 High Street, Wareham MA.

Provides 24-hour emergency medical treatment.

Outer Cape Health Services, Inc.


Harry Kemp Way, Provincetown MA.

(508) 349-3131

Route 6, Wellfleet MA.

Provides walk-in health care services in 2 locations to all who seek it, regardless of ability to pay or source of payment. Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, some evening hours available. Closed weekends.

Legal Assistance

Independence House

(508) 771-6507

(800) 439-6507

160 Bassett Lane, Hyannis MA. 02601

Court advocates are available to provide education about criminal prosecution legal rights and court procedures, including help with abuse prevention orders under Chapter 209A.

Legal Services for Cape Cod and the Islands, Inc.

(508) 775-7020

(800) 742-4107

(508) 775-7020

460 West Main Street, Hyannis MA. 02601

Provides free legal services to low income residents of Massachusetts regarding family law, housing, and government benefits.

Victim/Witness Assistance Program: Office of the District Attorney

Barnstable District Court: (508) 362-8103

Route 6A, Barnstable MA.

Falmouth District Court: (508) 457-1834

161 Jones Road, Falmouth MA.

Orleans District Court: (508) 255-3782

Rock Harbor Road, Orleans MA.

Informs domestic violence victims of their rights under the Massachusetts General Law, and provides free assistance and support during their court involvement.

Substance Abuse

Cape Cod Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc.

(508) 771-0132

569 Main Street, Hyannis MA. 02601

Promotes education/prevention of alcoholism and substance abuse through counseling, peer groups, elder outreach.

Alcoholics Anonymous

(508) 775-7060

(800) 63-SOBER (637-6237)

396 Main Street, Hyannis MA. 02601

Provides information and referral pertaining to substance abuse. Holds weekly meetings and peer support at various locations on the Cape.

Alanon-Alateen Information Service Center

(508) 394-4555

306 Main Street, West Dennis MA.

A self-help support group for persons and families dealing with alcoholics.

Narcotics Anonymous

(508) 778-6166

(508) 487-2622

Offers self-help support group for those with drug problems.

Financial Planning

Consumer Assistance Council

(508) 771-0700

572 Main Street, Hyannis MA. 02601

Assists with consumer complaints and resolution.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service

(800) 282-6196

397 Main Street, Hyannis MA. 02601

Advises on budgeting and debt credit issues, and negotiates reduced payment arrangements with creditors. Assists homeowners and renters in addressing housing concerns.

Financial Aid

Cape Cod Council of Churches Service Center

(508) 394-6361

355 Main Street, Dennisport MA.

Provides emergency food, clothing, furnishings, and financial aid. Serves the mid-Cape area.

Falmouth Service Center

(508) 548-3926

Falmouth, MA.

Offers monetary help with utilities, rent, mortgage and housing assistance. Serves Falmouth residents.

Lower Cape Outreach Council

(508) 240-0694

P.O. Box 324, West Harwich MA.

Offers emergency financial aid to prevent homelessness.

MA Department of Transitional Assistance (Public Welfare)

(508) 771-1201

460 West Main Street, Hyannis MA. 02601

Provides financial aid to qualified persons in need.

Saint Vincent dePaul Society

Telephone your local Catholic Church.

Provides vouchers for rent, mortgage, and food.

Cape Cod Times Needy Fund

(508) 778-5661

P.O. Box 804, Hyannis MA. 02601

Financially assists Cape residents with basic human needs. Residents are served through different offices depending on where on the Cape they reside.

Salvation Army

(508) 775-0364

100 North Street, Hyannis MA. 02601

Provides emergency assistance in the form of food, clothing, and limited household furnishings.


D.A.'s Crime Prevention and Control Unit

(800) 344-2722

Domestic Violence: Independence House

(800) 439-6507

Domestic Violence: Bilingual

(Spanish-English) referral hotline: (800) 992-2600

Disabled Abuse Hotline

(800) 426-9009

Elder Abuse Hotline

(800) 922-2275

Office of Elder Affairs Hotline

(800) 882-2003

TTY: (800) 872-0166

Parental Stress Hotline

(800) 632-8188

Parents Anonymous

(800) 882-1250

Alcohol and Drug Abuse 24 Hour Helpline

(800) 252-6465

Samaritans on Cape Cod (Suicide Prevention)

(800) 893-9900

Department of Social Services

(800) 352-0711

General Information and Referral

United Way Info Line

(508) 775-0464

(800) 462-8002

Information was made possible by a brochure created through the cooperation of:

The Community Leadership Institute Class of 1995

Cape Cod Hospital

Cape and Islands District Attorney's Office

Cape Cod Times

in an effort to support the Cape Cod community's mission of Zero Tolerance of Domestic Violence.

Brochures with this information are available by calling (508) 771-6507.

Domestic Violence Info on the Web