Department Contacts

Command Staff

Chief Scott Carline(508)539-1486
Captain Thomas Rose(508)539-1480 Ext 7241
Lieutenant Olivier Naas (Operations)(508)539-1480 Ext 7246
Lieutenant Robert Palermo (Administrative)(508)539-1480 Ext 7254


Sergeant Bryan Burke(508)539-1480 Ext 7224
Sergeant Michael Assad(508)539-1480 Ext 7223
Sergeant James Dorman(508)539-1480 Ext 7227
Sergeant Ryan Nardone(508)539-1480 Ext 7226
Sergeant Meredith Allen-Our(508)539-1480 Ext 7225


Detective Sergeant John Petrosh(508)539-1480 Ext 7237
Detective David Mackiewicz(508)539-1480 Ext 7240
Detective William Cuozzo(508)539-1480 Ext 7263
Detective Brett Calhoun(508)539-1480 Ext 7242

Master Officers

Master Officer Kevin Frye(508)539-1480 Ext 7539
Master Officer Eric Pestilli(508)539-1480 Ext 7275

Police Officers

Officer Carl De Lorme(508)539-1480 Ext 7517
Officer John Dimitres(508)539-1480 Ext 7512
Officer Joseph Catanese(508)539-1480 Ext 7548
Officer Christopher Giuca(508)539-1480 Ext 7510
Officer Erik Green(508)539-1480 Ext 7508
Officer Michael Moulis(508)539-1480 Ext 7515
Officer Kristopher Threlkeld(508)539-1480 Ext 7513
Officer Adam Sassone(508)539-1480 Ext 7518
Officer Matthew Cascio(508)539-1480 Ext 7521
Officer Michelle Princi(508)539-1480 Ext 7528
Officer Matthew Koch(508)539-1480 Ext 7505
School Resource Officer Michael Worrick(508)539-1480 Ext 7238
Officer Benjamin Tamash(508)539-1480 Ext 7514
Officer Bryan Derochea(508)539-1480 Ext 7520
Officer John Hagerty(508)539-1480 Ext 7511
Officer John McDonough(508)539-1480 Ext 7553

Natural Resources

Animal Control Officer Donald Chicoine(508)539-1480 Ext 7264 or (508)539-1442


Communications/IT Supervisor Scott Halligan(508)539-1480 Ext 7251
Dispatcher Barry Good(508)539-1480 Ext 7552
Dispatcher Jennifer Berry(508)539-1480 Ext 7543
Dispatcher Carla Newbrey(508)539-1480 Ext 7545
Dispatcher Robin Desrosiers(508)539-1480 Ext 7542
Dispatcher Theresa Lambert(508)539-1480 Ext 7546
Dispatcher Gillian Brown(508)539-1480 Ext 7547

Civilian Support Staff

Administrative Assistant Karol Grato(508)539-1486 or (508)539-1480 Ext 7248
Domestic Violence Advocate(508)539-1480 Ext 7253
Firearms Licensing Clerk Mary Cassanelli(508)539-1480 Ext 7249
Records Clerk Lois Wack(508)539-1488 or (508)539-1480 Ext 7232

Department Telephone Numbers

Police Priority(508)477-1212 or (508)477-1213
Police Services(508)539-1480
Detective Bureau(508)539-1484
Detail Requests(508)539-1480 Option 1
Records Bureau(508)539-1488
Animal Control(508)539-1442
Domestic Violence(508)539-1480 Ext 7253
FAX Line(508)539-1415 (ALL incoming FAX should be sent to this line)
Administrative FAX Line(508)539-1412 (Please use this FAX line only if directed to do so, otherwise see above)