Sex Offender Information

Public information for LEVEL 3 (highest risk to re-offend) is available in the links at the bottom of this webpage and is current as of 9/6/17. 

For information about Sex Offender Classification levels and other pertinent facts, please visit the Sex Offender Registry Board Website.

Adobe Reader required to view sex offender flyers. Download here.

To review all available sex offender information for the Town of Mashpee, you may come to the police department at any time. You will be required at that point to fill out a request form, and then you will be provided with a binder that contains information for all current LEVEL 2 (moderate risk to re-offend) and LEVEL 3 (high risk to re-offend) offenders. LEVEL 1 (low risk to re-offend) offender information is not available to the public. 

If you have questions or concerns you may direct them to the police department liaison to the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board at (508)539-1480 Ext. 7251 or by email

Other links to Sex Offender Information:

Massachusetts Sex Offender Online Search Page - Please be advised that level 2 sex offenders that were classified AFTER July 12, 2013 may now appear in this search. Level 2 offenders classified as such PRIOR to July 12, 2013 remain available only by inquiry to the Mashpee (or your local) Police Department.

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