Do Not Plow List

Per the Board of Selectmen’s Policy, the DPW has inspected all private roads in Mashpee to identify conditions that may restrict or prevent the Town’s plowing and/or treating of roads this upcoming winter season.  Below is a list of roads where plowing will be restricted or prevented unless the noted repairs are made.  NOTE: The Town does not plow condominiums or commercial developments.  
In order for a road to be removed from either list, residents should make the necessary repairs to the road and then contact the Department of Public Works at or (508) 539-1420 between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm to request a re-inspection.

Restricted Plowing/Treatment

The Restricted Plowing/Treatment roads will be plowed and/or treated, but plowing may be restricted to less than the full road width due to overhead or overhanging vegetation.  For roads with OVERHEAD LIMBS, limbs should be trimmed to a height of 12 feet above the road surface.  For roads with OVERHANGING BRUSH, brush should be cleared a minimum of 2 feet back along each side of the road surface.

No Plowing/Treatment

The No Plowing/Treatment roads, in addition to any issues with vegetation as explained above, will not be plowed and/or treated because of defects in the road or lack of a street sign.  For roads with POTHOLES or DRAINAGE DISREPAIR, all defects or structures exceeding two vertical inches should be filled/adjusted.  
IMPORTANT NOTE:  If your road can only be accessed via a road that is on this No Plow List, then your road will also not be plowed until the road on the No Plow List has been removed from the list.  
Please see attachment Do Not Plow List below for current list of
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