Birth, Death & Marriage Records

Providing copies of public documents is an important service that we provide. In most cases a request for information such as research, vital records and other documents requires a payment before we can provide the service. The fees for Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates are provided below. The Public Records Law allows ten (10) days to fulfill a request for a public record, however, in most cases we are able to accommodate your request within a day.

How to obtain a copy of a Birth, Death or Marriage Certificate

The records of Mashpee births, deaths and marriages are maintained in the Office of the Town Clerk starting from 1866 and continuing to the present date. Copies of vital records may be obtained in person or by mail upon payment of $5.00 for a certified copy.  To pay online, please click here.

Impounded Records

Under Massachusetts law, the marital status of the parents determines the accessibility of a vital record.  If the record is that of a child born out of wedlock, then the document is "impounded."  The record may only be obtained by the child, mother, and/or father IF his information is on the record.  If not, then the father is not eligible for a copy.  Please note that if you are requesting a copy of a vital record and the document is impounded, you will be required to produce a picture ID prior to obtaining the document.

The State Registry of Vital Records and Statistics

If you are not sure whether the record you seek is filed locally, you may contact the state Registry of Vital Records and Statistics. The Registry maintains a central index and has copies of records of all births, deaths and marriages that occurred in the state.

Certified copies may be obtained from the Registry in person, by mail or phone. You should be prepared to provide the name of the subject(s) of the record, the date of the event and, if known, the city or town where the event occurred.

For further information please call (617) 740-2600.

Massachusetts Registry of Vital Records

Mailing Address:
Registry of Vital Records
150 Mount Vernon Street 1st Floor
Dorchester, MA 02125-3105