Mashpee Energy Review

The Town of Mashpee is committed to controlling the cost of energy by utilizing a two pronged effort at energy management, energy efficiency and generating renewable power. Through partnering with the Cape Light Compact, the Town of Mashpee is able to mitigate the cost of energy by utilizing energy efficiency programs offered to municipalities. These programs have resulted in significantly lower energy use in all Town buildings, including our schools, thereby lowering the cost of energy to the Mashpee taxpayer. In addition to working with the Cape Light Compact, the Town was designated a Green Community by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources in 2010. This designation came with a first year grant of more than $170,000 as well as additional smaller annual considerations for grant money that is used in helping the Town continue our efforts at energy efficiency. Following these efforts the Town was designated by the Governor's office as a "Leading By Example" community in 2010 due to our commitment to proper energy management.

Beginning in early 2010 with the implementation of small, vertical axis wind turbines at Heritage Park, closely followed by the installation of a 20kw solar installation at the Library, Mashpee was on its way to becoming an energy leader in the State. These modest projects were followed by a much larger effort when a 334kw project was installed at the Middle/High School along with 2 10kw projects at our DPW and COA buildings. These efforts, while significant and sufficient to gain the respect and attention of municipalities across the State, were all dwarfed by the Town's successful installation of a 1.83mw solar farm on the Town's closed landfill. These projects, together, will generate an amount of energy equal to that of nearly 90% of the Town's municipal electric demand.

For questions regarding the Town of Mashpee's energy management efforts, please contact Catherine Laurent, DPW Director, at (508) 539-1420.