Natural Resources

  • Waquoit Bay
  • Quohog Seeding
  • Oysters at Mashpee Neck
  • Andrew and Robert
  • DNR Director Ashley Fisher


Department of Natural Resources Goals and Mission:

Protect the public health and safety on Mashpee waterways with patrols, and maintenance of signs and navigational aids.

Enforce Shellfish and Waterways By-Laws and General Laws.

Manage, monitor, protect and when necessary restore the aquatic natural resources including shellfish, water quality and waterways.  Restoration includes shellfish propagation and water quality monitoring.

Educate the public about shellfish and waterways uses, regulations and issues.

Advise Mashpee Boards, Commissions, Committees and Departments as needed regarding shellfish and waterways.

Staff Contacts

NameTitlePhone Number


508-539-1410 ext. 2102

Administrative Secretary

508-539-1410 ext 2103

Natural Resources Officer

508-539-1410 ext 2104


508-539-1410 ext 2106

Shellfish Constable

508-539-1410 ext 2105