What We Do:

The Assessors value all Real and Personal Property within the Town of Mashpee and the Mashpee Water District as of January 1st of every year. The legal standard is that all property is assessed at its “full and fair market value” that is, the amount a knowledgeable and willing buyer would pay a knowledgeable and willing seller on an open market.

Assessors have a major role in promoting the effective financial management of a town. Real estate and motor vehicle excise tax levies account for a majority of the funds available to the municipality to provide necessary services. Efficient and effective assessment practices result in a predictable tax levy which is essential to maintaining adequate and sufficient cash flow.

Areas of Responsibility:
  • Real Estate Tax Bills
  • Personal Property Tax Bills
  • Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Bills
  • Boat Excise Tax Bills
  • Personal Exemptions
  • Charitable Exemptions
  • Administering Water, Street & Sewer Betterments
The Assessors must:
  • Discover, analyze, and reflect the value changes that are occurring in the market.
  • Inspect each property to record specific features of the land and buildings.
  • List items such as size, type, and quality of construction, number of rooms, baths, fireplaces, the type of heating, etc.
  • Inspect each structure in town at least once every ten years.
  • Representatives of the Towns' Revaluation Firm in co-operation with  the Mashpee Assessors office are currrently conducting field inspections of every home and business to ensure the accuracy of our records.

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) audits the Assessor’s Office every five years to verify that the assessors are using correct Mass Appraisal methodology and that its values reflect full and fair market value. When the DOR is satisfied that the assessor’s methodology is correct and its values reflect full and fair market value, it certifies the assessments as being accurate and the community is allowed to issue tax bills. The Assessors also make annual revisions of property assessments that are then approved by the DOR.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office.

Staff Contacts

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Jason R. Streebel Director of Assessing (508) 539-1404 Ext 8532
Mark Benoit Assistant Assessor (508) 539-1404 Ext 8530
Carol Souza Principal Clerk (508) 539-1404
Susan Derome Principal Clerk (508) 539-1404
Assessing Office (508)-539-1404

Board of Assessors

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David Weeden

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