Mashpee Wakeby Lake Management Committee

The Mashpee & Wakeby Lake Management Committee is comprised of five members from the Mashpee community. They are representative of groups within the Town of Mashpee who have a vested interest in maintaining the beauty, safety and health of the Lake.  The Committee acts as a conduit for the public’s interests and concerns about the Lake. It serves as liaison to the Town’s governing agencies, recommending necessary actions to be taken.

The Committee meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month, at 7:00 PM at the Mashpee Town Hall. The presence of Mashpee residents at these meetings is encouraged. We urge your participation in the activities of this Committee, to assist in our ongoing efforts to preserve the beauty and safety of the Lake.


MemberTerm Expires

Deborah McManus

June 30, 2022.

Barbara B. Nichols

June 30, 2022.

Donald MacDonald

June 30, 2022.

Michael Rapacz

June 30, 2022.

Paul Bibo

June 30, 2022.

Andrew Gottlieb

Selectman Liaison