MPD Call Logs

ATTENTION: Daily logs for the period of April 4 2018 through April 22 2018 will not be posted in the normal manner. If you require a log for that period please send an email and provide specifics as to dates. Thank you, and apologies for any inconvenience.

Daily logs are available for download to your computer and are shown as an "attachment" at the bottom of this webpage. Adobe Acrobat Reader or an equivalent .pdf viewer will be required to read these logs. This is free software and is can be downloaded by clicking here. Under most circumstances downloading this file will open Adobe Acrobat reader in your browser window and will display the log. Logs will normally be available on the following schedule:

  • Monday Log: Available Tuesday AM
  • Tuesday Log: Available Wednesday AM
  • Wednesday Log: Available Thursday AM
  • Thursday Log: Available Friday AM
  • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Logs: Available following Monday AM

Work schedules and other circumstances will likely occasionally cause a delay and/or deviation from the above schedule. Please email the webmaster with any concerns.

Archived/old logs can be obtained by emailing and requesting a specific date or dates. Logs can be generated in Adobe .pdf format all the way back to August 4, 2003. Logs will be sent to you in a compressed .zip file.

Logs by month for the current calendar year are now available in .pdf form as well. Click any of the pertinent attachments to download.