Local Guidelines and Priorities

**COVID-19 Consideration**
**The Mashpee Cultural Council recognizes the difficult aspects to supporting cultural programs in this time of pandemic.
Our wish is to be flexible in supporting programs in alternative ways. We strongly encourage you to apply for Massachusetts/Mashpee Cultural Council grant funding.
We know that it is challenging to continue programs, from the operational expense perspective, to the costs of developing alternative methods for sharing arts and culture, such as virtual programming. We expect to consider supporting many aspects of need. Provide as much detail as possible when applying. We look forward to reviewing creative grant applications in this next cycle.**
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Local Guidelines and Priorities:
A desirable application for funding will include a majority of the following:
* Priority will be given to applicants for events being held in the Town of Mashpee, but not limited thereto
* Attracting an under-served group or a broad spectrum of the population may merit special consideration
* Promotes tourism
* Current letters of recommendation are encouraged
* New events and first-time applications may merit special consideration
* Complete on-line application
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Additional Local Priorities:
Note to Artists and Performers – To be considered for funding, you will need to identify in your application a named venue, and contact for your project, if applicable. Attach any letter of support with your application, under SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS. Arrangements should be made prior to application submission.
Applicants have one year from the approval letter date to complete the project and submit for reimbursement. Project must include the Massachusetts Cultural Council logo in publicity-related materials, as well as state specifically that funding was granted by the Mashpee Cultural Council.
Any changes to an approved project must be submitted to the council in advance for review.
Approval and denial letters will be sent in December, 2021.
Applications and related materials must be submitted ON-LINE only. No hard copies will be accepted or considered. See https://www.MassCulturalCouncil.org/ to create and submit an application.
First-time applicants, local artists and presenters are encouraged to apply.
Letters of recommendation are welcome.
The Mashpee Cultural Council also maintains a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MashpeeCC/
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On-Line Application Opening Date: September 1, 2021
On-Line Application deadline: *November 1, 2021 (11:59 pm EST)*
Review process takes place November, 2021
Denial letters will be sent out *in December, 2021*
Successful candidates will be notified by End of Year, 2021
Applicants with any questions may contact Nina Cocomazzi, Treasurer, email ninacoco1@msn.com<mailto:ninacoco1@msn.com> phone 303-378-3913.