About the Zoning Board of Appeals

Why aren't the Zoning Board of Appeals Petition forms on the website? Your first step in the process of obtaining a Building Permit starts with visiting the Building Department. The ZBA office falls under the jurisdiction of the Building Commissioner. As the Zoning Official, the Building Commissioner determines when a project requires approval from the Zoning Board of Appeals. If your proposal requires ZBA approval, the ZBA office will guide and assist you through the ZBA Petition process. Please refer to the Petition Procedures and Petition Checklist on our Forms and Informational Documents page, linked to the left and by clicking here. Documentation required when filing includes copies of the deed for the subject property, owner of record, and/or Petitioner (if different), 911/Tax Worksheet signed by Tax Collector's office and 911 Coordinator, as well as Board of Health and Conservation Commission signatures on the Petition Checklist. Petitions that do not include all required documentation will not be scheduled for a hearing until complete. Petitions and accompanying documents can be viewed by the general public in the ZBA Office or the Town Clerk's Office.  

You may access the By-Laws on the Town Clerk's website. Copies of the By-Laws are available in the Town Clerk's office.

The Zoning Board of Appeals is appointed by the Selectmen and acts under the authority of Chapters 40A and 40B of the Massachusetts General Laws and the Zoning By-laws of the Town of Mashpee. The Board consists of five sitting Board Members, with Associate Members sitting from time to time.

Please Note: It is extremely important to understand that the burden of proof relative to any Petition in the Zoning Board of Appeals process rests on you, the Petitioner, and the professionals with whom you are working. The Zoning Board of Appeals represents the Town and, therefore, it is not the responsibility of the Board members to validate your Petition, but merely to vote on the merits of the Petition before the Board.